Welcome to the One Plane Golf Academy in Chepstow

This fantastic training facility, featuring Trackman, is the first UK golf school to teach One Plane Golf (also known as “Single Plane Golf”) as developed by Moe Norman.  Moe was known for his straight hitting and simple swing technique – striking balls straighter and as long as any other player of his day.

I love coaching this technique to anyone looking to improve their swing. We’re open seven days a week, so come down to make use of our driving range, or contact me to find out about our One Plane Golf coaching lessons.

Les – Owner and Coach

I always concentrate on playing one shot at a time.
Moe Norman
One Plane Golf

What you can find at the One Plane Golf Academy


• 30 mins and fifty balls - £8.00
• 1hr and 100 balls - £15.00


30 minute lesson - £35
60 minute lesson - £40


Wednesdays - 11am-12pm (Ladies only)
Thursdays - 10am-11am (mixed adult)
Thursday - 5.30pm-6.30pm (mixed adult)



Why the one plane golf swing?

It’s simpler and easier to repeat

When done correctly, it’s relatively easy to synchronize the movements of the hips, shoulders, arms and hands in the one-plane swing. Hit square the clubface at impact without the need for special motions like an abrupt wrist hinge, hip thrust or “dropping” the club onto the plane on the downswing.

Reduces risk of injury

Swinging the arms and shoulders on the same plane naturally creates a flatter (more horizontal) swing, with the club arching around the body.

Two of history’s greatest ball-strikers were one-planers

Legendary Canadian pro Moe Norman is the epitome of a one-plane swinger. Ben Hogan also used a single-plane rotation in his most productive years.

My club must never “Twist” or “Turn” in my swing.
Moe Norman
One Plane Golf

A Trackman Golf range

Combine the TrackMan Golf app with our Trackman power range, and you’ll not only have fun, but you’ll track your improvements in no time! 

The app works on indoor golf and delivers reports for your virtual golf rounds and practice sessions in the TrackMan simulator (available at our academy). You can also take advantage of the comprehensive activity reports anytime and anywhere. 

It’s great for a coaching session – you’ll get Shot Analysis reports that enable you to work on the areas your coach identifies for improvement.

Make sure you log in to your TrackMan profile during all your TrackMan sessions via the QR or pin code.

Why the one plane golf swing?

Dean Saunders visit

A day at the Academy

Recent highlights

I play into my legs.
Moe Norman
One Plane Golf

What the experts say about One Plane Golf

Moe Norman

Same old swing style with the same bad results? Hoping things will get better? The solution may be “One Plane Swing”

Bryson DeChambeau

You still wondering why you’re not seeing any golf improvement? Perhaps you’ve got too many moving parts.

Les Greenhalgh

This is the most effective and fastest way to perfect your single plane golf swing.